How to Clean Suede Boots

Published on October 30, 2023

Winter is coming, and soft, plush boots have become an essential item in the wardrobe. However, long-time wear tends to make them prone to stains. How can we correctly and effectively clean them and make these lovely shoes look brand new again? Here are some tips, and you can follow them to take care of your beloved suede boots and extend the time of usage.

Step 1. Keep the Shape

Before you start cleaning, put some crumpled paper or shoe stretch inside to keep the natural shape of the boots.

Step 2. Use Suede Brush

First, use a suede brush and gently brush the surface of the shoes in the direction in which the suede naturally sits to remove dust and dirt. For more stubborn marks, add more pressure to raise flattened fibers and help with cleaning.

Step 3. Use Suede Eraser

After brushing, if you find there are still scuff marks, spots, or stains visible, then grab a suede eraser. Suede eraser is a piece of crepe rubber that grips the leather closer than the brush. Put some effort when rubbing until the mark is gone.

Step 4. Use Vinegar Or Alcohol

For stubborn stains that still remain, you can try seeking help from distilled white vinegar and alcohol, their acidic components can help break down particle clumps. Dip a cloth into alcohol or vinegar and gently wipe the suede. Don't worry about the unpleasant smells and getting wet, they will all gone after your boots dry.

Step 5. Suede Shampoo

For more serious stains you will turn to special suede shampoo for help.

Step 6. Tidy Up

After removing the stains, you can use a razor to trim any stray fibers, and then use the brush to brush the surface of the shoes to make it fluffy again.

Step 7. Long-term Preservation

To protect your suede shoes longer, consider treating them with a suede protector spray. And you should avoid wearing them in wet places.

Some special stains may require special techniques, some of which are listed below:

Oil and Grease

Cover the stain with baking soda and leave it for several hours. If stains are stubborn, then apply a drop of dish soap with your finger, then blot the area with a clean, damp cloth until the stain and soap are gone.


Once the mud has naturally dried, remove it by hand and brush off any remaining stains with a brush.


Use a paper towel to absorb excess ink on surface, after it gets dry, use cloth with alcohol to remove the stain.